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Orchard Sub for Santa is run by a community of moms that want to ensure that no child is forgotten at Christmas time.  100% of donations go to these kids, we all help on a purely voluntary basis.

In 2023 we will help children from Orchard, West Bountiful, Adelaide, Bountiful, Foxboro, Boulton, Tolman, Woods Cross, Centerville, Valley View, Meadowbrook, Holbrook and Oak Hills Elementary Schools!

Our local schools always have quite a few kids in need during the winter season and we are hoping that our community can make a difference for them!

We are hoping to provide each child with their specific needs as well as a few want items and a hygiene kit.  When you sign up to shop for a child their specific needs will be listed in Sign Up Genius.  If you were hoping to shop for a family, please choose all the children under that letter (ex.  A1, A2, A3 are three children in one family)

It is hard to set a budget for each child to meet these needs but realistically each child's needs could be between $100-200. 

We are so grateful for the overwhelming response to help.  THANK YOU!!!

We are hoping to have children shopped for and ready for delivery by December 10th 2023, we will reach out before that date to coordinate drop off.

Ways to Donate
Volunteer Time

There will be opportunities to volunteer time and manpower if you are able.  Please put your information on the Contact Us page and we will reach out to you!

Pick a Child to shop for Christmas

You can choose a child or children to shop for by signing up through Sign Up Genius.  We are trying to provide the same items for all the children.  If you'd like to shop for one or more children please follow this link for more information.

Donate through Venmo

Don't have time to shop but still want to Donate?  No worries, we can do the shopping for you if you would like to donate through Venmo.  The account is @Orchard-SubforSanta.  This link will take you there.

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