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        Past Years Success

A huge THANK YOU to all that participated in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021!!

2021 204 children were served throughout southern Davis County.  Every child received the needed items on their lists.  Thank you to those who shopped for children as well as those that donated cash.  We use the cash to supplement items for these kids lists and shop for last minute kids that come in from the schools are aren't picked up on Sign Up Genius.

2020 237 children were served across 13 different schools in our community.  We delivered meals to these families along with gift cards to additional Junior High and High School students to help them eat out with their friends.

In 2019 we were able to help 161 kids plus Donations to the Amazon Spree for Junior High and High School students, which provided gift cards for the kids at Woods Cross High School.
In 2018, through all of your help we served 154 kids within 44 families plus donate a large sum to the High School and Junior High students in need. 
In 2017, we were able to help 79 children within 27 families (plus some additional Junior High and High School students) have a little something extra for Christmas 2017!

Each child received a blanket, book, a few clothing outfits, underwear, socks, shoes, a couple toys as well as a hygiene kit.

We are so grateful for our community of givers!  Thank you for everything you helped to contribute and do!

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