Helping kids in the greater Bountiful area have a better

Christmas Morning!

We coordinate with our local schools to help kids in need in the south end of 

Davis County!

Who are you helping?

Our local schools have quite a few kids in need this Winter season and due to Covid-19, Davis School District has had triple the families contact them in need of help this holiday season. We are hoping that our community can make a difference for them this Christmas!

In 2019 we were able to help 161 children, plus some Junior High and High school students.  Our 2020 goal is to exceed the number of children helped last year in 2019!

All of the children are identified through their elementary school counselors, we ask for the information of all of the kids in the home K-12.  We then cross check with the Junior High and High school to make sure there is no doubling up and that we are helping as many kids as we can!